Quick Meals

Who doesn’t love a quick meal? Here are some of our favs! I try to keep a few of these in the house all the time for those nights when dinner just isn’t coming together in a timely manner. A lot of these are easy to pack in lunches, too. Happy Eating!

Main dish

Chicken, tuna, egg salad

Quesadillas- black beans, chicken, taco meat, cheese, pizza, 

Naan pizza

Wraps,sandwiches, pita pockets – lunch meat and cheese, pb&j, cream cheese and jelly or ham, pb&apple sauce, pb &banana, pb and fruit,cream cheese and fruit

Mini corn dog muffins

Homemade lunchables pizzas

Cheese and crackers 

Hummus and crackers

Pb and crackers/apples

Cheese and apples

Homemade taco nacho lunchables – make taco meat ahead of time and freeze in individual containers

Ants on a log (banana and celery versions)

Pancakes/waffles/french toast sticks with bacon/sausages

Cottage cheese with fruit or pasta and peas

Use waffles as bread for pb&j sandwiches 

Cheese toast

Avocado toast with eggs

Kielbasa with veggie and potato (mashed, roasted, etc)

Protein with frozen veggie and Mac and cheese/instant potatoes/rice pilaf/veggie nuggets

pasta/ravioli with frozen meatballs and sauce

soup/chili – Instant pot makes this super fast

mac and cheese

chicken nuggets


Beans and rice

Smoothie with granola on the side

Meatballs (marinara sauce, grape jelly and cocktail sauce, sweet and sour sauce, bbq, firecracker from hello fresh recipe, cream of mushroom)


Toast or crackers with butter, jelly, peanut butter, avocado, fruit, hummus, cream cheese


Egg muffins/quiche

Breakfast burritos/taco

Breakfast sandwiches on bagels, toast, english muffins, etc



French toast

Smoothies- alone or in a bowl with fruit and granola

Yogurt with fruit, granola, etc





Toast with cream cheese, sliced fruit (strawberries and blueberries are my fave), drizzle with honey/maple syrup

Toast with cream cheese (the flavored ones are fun for this), sliced veggies (cucumber and peppers are my fav)

check out this post for snack/sides.

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