Must Have Kitchen Stuff

Here is my current kitchen favorites list. Happy cooking!

Shirt Bib – toddlers be messy!

I don’t like traditional high chairs. They take up too much space for me and are hard to clean. I have this. I like that I can throw it in the shower and clean it really well. Just keep it far enough away from the table the your kid can’t push back and fall.

Anything EZPZ

“Sippy cups” we do straws only (I don’t like anything that teaches a skill they won’t use later like biting to get water out. No hard spouts)

Munchkin weighted straw but I remove the weight pretty early so they don’t learn to tip and drink from a straw. I find these leak after a while so I tried these. I like them a lot but you can’t remove the weight without cutting the straw.

Contigo straw

Contigo auto spout but G bites them and it breaks the spout part so we switched to these.

Not spill proof but I like these

Proportion snack containers

Coffee Stuff. Trust me, the espresso machine is worth it IF you go to the coffee shop regularly. We spend about $10 every time we go and we went like 2-4 times a week. 

French press

Travel mug coffee/tea is hot for the longest time.

Espresso machine


Espresso catchers


Knock box

Counter protector

Extra Bean Hopper for decaf and lid

Disposable cups

Tea pots/cold brew pots 

Stove top safe tea pot

tea pot – Not stove top safe but keeps tea warm

Blender for smoothies

Air fryer/toaster oven

Instant Pot  (I have both… and I totes have used both at the same time) These are also nice when you are cooking for a crowd and your stove isn’t big enough. You can sauté and keep stuff warm for a long time. 6 qt or 8 qt

Griddler with waffle iron plates – awesome for so many things!  Use the waffle iron for more than waffles! Great for brownie waffles, scrambled eggs, cornbread waffles, etc 

Immersion blender with Food processor. I have an OLD one that doesn’t look like it’s made anymore. This one looks the closest to what I have.

Hand Mixer – I have a hand mixer similar to this

Kitchen Aid Mixer– I just bought one from a neighbor. I love it so far. They are big and expensive so I bought used.

Spiralizer– a neighbor just gave me hers and it looks like this one. I love it for potatoes, zucchini, sweet potatoes. Lots of fun stuff!

Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – I mean, you can use this for everything.

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