Carpet Cleaner

Let me start by saying I hate carpet. But we have carpet on a good chunk of our house. I hope to change that one day.

carpets + kids = stains. And some stains are rough.

Like this one. I left my mocha on the nightstand while I was folding laundry and M found it.

I tried like 5 sprays before I gave up. I was about to call the professionals in but asked my neighborhood Facebook group if anyone had a carpet cleaner I could borrow.

I was SHOCKED. Hubs got the stain up in about 5 minutes. I loosened it for him, right?

I ordered this one right away. And this solution.

It was more than I really wanted to pay but a few weeks after we got it, M pooped out of his diaper on the carpet. And not just a little leak. Like there was a pile of shit in the middle of my bedroom floor. And he was playing with it!!!!

Hubs scooped up the poop. I changed M. And then we broke out the machine.

Poop stain? What poop stain?

This machine, literally, gets shit out of carpet.

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