Color Sorting

I made this box to help our 2 year old learn his colors. You can do so many variations with this. I have made something similar for colors, letters, shapes, and numbers.

Cover the top of the box with white paper. I used tape but I think glue might be better?

then I taped construction paper rectangles on.

Then I cut out the holes. Be really careful. Watch your fingers.

Because the paper was not glued down, I had to put tape going into the hole to hold the paper down.

Then wrote the colors on it with a Sharpie.

Leave one side open so you can dump the pieces out and start over.

I have it to the kids with Magntiles and they both had a blast. My 6 year old loves helping/teaching. PomPoms, Legos, or anything else with colors would be fun too!

Have fun!

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