White Chocolate Chex Mix

y’all…. This is a family tradition around Christmas for us but really you can make it any time. I made it for the kids’ teachers this year along with the bread and it was a big hit. Almost everyone finished it immediately!


Chex: rice, wheat, and corn. But I leave out the wheat ones.

Pretzles – any shape but I would stick to the thinner ones.


M&Ms – get fun colors for different occasions. I have used peanut beside and that was also yummy. I just left out the other peanuts.

White chocolate

You will probably want a BIG mixing bowl and a smaller microwave safe one. Plus a spatula. I like this set but they aren’t microwaveable.

I don’t have the best recipe for this because it depends on what you like.

Melt white chocolate on the microwave. Watch it carefully and stir often. Careful. It’s HOT

Mix equal parts of all 3 Chex and pretzels. Drizzle melted white chocolate over it and start mixing. I add the peanuts and M&Ms as I am mixing. If I don’t, I feel like they settle to the bottom. Add more white chocolate until it’s coated and starts to stick together.

Let it cool and enjoy!

small batch I made for packing school lunch

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