Word Family Legos

G has been super interested in reading lately so I have been trying to come up with lots of ways to help her. For CVC words she seems to do better with putting the last 2 letters together then adding in the beginning sound. So I made and activity to play around with word families, rhyming (which she just figured out), and CVC words.

I used this website to help me come up with word families.


megablocks (1,2, and 3-4 pieces)



pick a word family and write the last 2 letters on the 2 “spike” block.

write the beginning letters on the one “spike” block. I did one letter let side to save blocks. Alcohol gets it off for the most part so you can reuse them later.

stick the blocks on a 3 spike block and have fun changing the beginning letter to make new words.

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