Scissor practice

This was a really cool activity I found on IG. I really wish I knew where I saw it. Gotta love when IG reloads before you can save something….

I cut up strips of construction paper and taped it to a container. Yeah, I used glass but I was sitting at the table with him and he isn’t big on throwing plates.

Then, I gave it to M (2.5 yo) with scissors to cut up.

He did GREAT with this. But it took me longer to make it than it took him to cut it all apart. I bought a little more time by convincing him to cut the paper into pieces.

Super awesome activity especially for kids learning to use scissors.

I could see it being really fun with lots of little containers and putting toys inside.

I have seen something similar using painters tape and muffin tins. I think you need the metal muffin tins. My silicone ones would probably not survive.

Have fun!

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