Post-it Scavenger Hunt

I love doing this activity. It’s so easy to customize depending on where your child is developmentally. Our oldest didn’t go to pre-k and our second probably won’t either. This is a fun activity that gets them moving, learning, and might even buy you some alone time.

Usually, I take Post-It Notes and write whatever we are learning on them. Then I stick them all around the room. Then, I have the kid find them and tell me what’s on it. Or I will have them match what’s on the Post-It to the same thing on a piece of paper.





Matching upper and lower case letters


Matching numbers to dots

Sight/Heart Words

CVC words

The possibilities are endless

Today, I couldn’t find my Post-it notes. So I printed off shapes and colors for M (2.5) and CVC practice for G (6). If the document didn’t already have 2 parts, I printed it twice and only cut out one.

I used cardstock and did not laminate. Normally I would have but I was trying to get this going quickly.

Tape the cards around the room and let the kids go nuts.

CVC words

More CVC words

Shapes – I printed this in black and white so I knew we were matching just the shapes

Colors – I found something already made on Canva then modified it. I wanted them all to look the same vs each color having a different picture. That way I knew we were matching the color.

Have fun!

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