Vacuum Review Part 2

I FINALLY bought a vacuum. After all the research I talk about here.

I ended up with the Shark Vertex Pro Powered Lift-Away Cordless Vacuum with IQ Display

I watched several Vacuum Wars videos on all the different cordless stick vacuums and this Shark really stood out. I definitely recommend it.

Why I like it…

-Removable battery. In theory, I could have one on the charger at all times. AND I can replace the battery when it goes bad and not replace the whole thing. It’s nice that the charger is separate from the vacuum, too.

-The canister is low to the ground. Which means it’s not heavy on your arm and it’s easier to use above ground (like in the car).

-Multiple suction levels and easy to go between carpet and hard floors.

-Works great. Even the kids know how to use it.

-Comes apart easily to clean.

-Stands up on its own so you can leave it anywhere. Pretty compact too.

-Cheaper than the other ones I was looking to buy.

I don’t really have any negatives for it. I would like the battery to last longer when it’s on maximum suction but that hasn’t really been a problem though.

Happy cleaning!

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