Who would have thunk I would be reviewing vacuums. But here we are… I am such a mom. Not that that’s a bad thing at all. It just makes me giggle that I have opinions on vacuums now.

In addition to the carpet cleaner we have 3 more vacuums. Don’t judge me too harshly. They all have a specific purpose.

Upstairs we had a Deebot named Johnny5. It’s a solid robot vacuum. Easy to use and clean. The only programming you can do is set a time for it to turn on. He just bounces around all over the place. No rhyme or reason to where he goes but the lines on the carpet show he is getting pretty much everywhere. We had him for about 2 years and he moved with us from the condo to the apartment to the house. He is currently broken. Not sure he is fixable but it’s on my list of things to look in to. He was excellent while he lasted. Somehow he got programmed to run at 1am and I haven’t reinstalled the app to try to fix it. We got him refurbished from Amazon and was definitely worth it for the price. I think I am replacing him with this though.

Update: Johnny 5 is fixed!! I deleted him from the phone app then reconnected him. He did not run at 1am last night!

When we bought the house, Hubs decided to get another vacuum. He got us a Roborock named R2D2. R2 is much smarter than Johnny5. He’s very programmable and mops. The phone app lets you set a room or a zone to clean. He’s, also, more methodical with how he cleans. He goes around the outside of the room/zone first then goes back and forth in perfect lines till he’s done. We had an issue with one wheel about a month ago but customer service fixed it. It was rough being without him. He runs over the whole downstairs almost daily and I have him do the kitchen/dining room multiple times a day.

We, also, have a stick vacuum. It looks like it’s been discontinued but this one is really similar looking. I really like having this. It’s good for the stair, baseboard, our porch carpet, touch ups if R2 is charging/busy, and for sucking up squash bugs that are trying to destroy my garden.

update: our stick vacuum just died. It was about a year old. We will be upgrading on Black Friday. Probably this Dyson.

Update 2: this is the vacuum we got. It’s so great!!!

So, there you go. My review of vacuums. I didn’t realize I would ever have opinions on vacuums.

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