Squirt Painting

We were having a rough evening and I needed kids still and mostly quiet so I could cook dinner. Hubs had a meeting so it needed to be something easy.

I had colored water left over from bubble painting so I decided to grab that and some water color paper.


soap (optional but makes it foamy)

food coloring


small cups

water color paper


sheet pans

Medicine syringes or droppers or these droppers


Mix water, soap, and food coloring in small cups

put paper in the sheet pan then give child water and dropper/syringe

lots of reminders for littles to keep the water on the paper.

I had to supervise more than I expected and then rinse out the trays every time they needed new paper but it was pretty easy. The clean up was a shower and dishes. Not bad.

I didn’t get any usable art from M. He saturated the paper too much but he had a blast. He used the droppers.

G staeted to draw on her paper first then add colors. She for some cool stuff. She used the syringe.

And I for dinner cooked!

M kept doing this after about 30 minutes so he was all done.

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