Bubble Art

We did this on a day that was a little too chilly and windy so it didn’t hold their attention long. But I think it would have worked better if the weather was nicer or we did it inside.



food coloring


small cups

water color paper



Mix soap, water, and food coloring. Play around with the amount of each. I used more soap and food coloring than I expected. But I kept testing it to make sure the bubbles would stick around for a little while and the color showed up on the paper.

Blow bubbles in the water. Then place a piece of water color paper over it.

Repeat until your masterpiece is finished!

Repeat over and over to make all the art!!

Let it dry.

I cut the paper into smaller squares to make it easier for the kids to work with.

warning! Remind the kids to not suck up the water.

G is almost 6 and got it instantly. M is 2.5 and for the idea for blowing bubbles but didn’t get the part with the paper. We had a classmate of G’s over too and she did fine with it.

I will be trying this again when it’s nicer outside!!

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