Quick Bread for gifts

For holiday teacher gifts last year, I made a bunch (45 loaves!) of homemade bread for everyone. I used Canva to make a cute gift tag, too.

It was a huge hit!

I bought these mini loaf pans but the lids didn’t fit. I taped them on so it worked but definitely not ideal. You might want to lower the temp of you do smaller sizes.

pumpkin loaf – I didn’t like the pumpkin seeds on top that I got from Aldi. Probably should have roasted them or shelled them? The bread was amazing. I didn’t use the exact spices. I used pumpkin spice in an equivalent amount that the recipe listed.

Chocolate chip – didn’t modify at all.

Apple Walnut – I didn’t modify but I noticed I didn’t need as much topping when I did mini loaves.

Things I learned:

make sure your eggs really are room temp.

you can soften butter in the microwave but set the power to low. Like 2 or 3.

My kitchen aid mixer is too small for big batches. I need a bigger one. My hand mixer did a better job when I doubled the recipes.


chocolate chip
apple walnut
pumpkin loaf. Did not like with these pumpkin seeds. 10/10 recommend no seeds.

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