Broccoli Pesto Pasta with Chicken

I found this amazing Registered Dietician on Instagram. She’s a busy mom so I love her recipes.

I recently made her pesto pasta for dinner and it was a big hit.

how I did it.

Seasoned chicken breasts with seasoning salt (in hindsight I used too much and it was salty Next time I will use less or maybe use Chick Magnet, or maybe just garlic and onion powders). I started it on the stove but I was impatient so I finished it in the air fryer/convection oven.

I used my blender for the pesto and broccoli. I should have thawed or cooked the broccoli first. But it was fine. I added a little pasta water and it helped. I, also, forgot the cream and cottage cheese until I was plating it. Whoops. I was able to stir in cream but not cottage cheese. It was still really good.

I used regular pasta. Tricolored rotini.

I served it to the kids deconstruced with some fruit. They are the chicken, pasta, and fruit but wouldn’t touch the sauce. Hubs and I were fans though.


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