Painting with Balls

Forget paint brushes. That’s boring.

This project doesn’t need anything special. It’s all stuff we had from other projects.

You will need:

A shallow box that is big enough for a sheet of paper. I cut a box that was too deep.

I have used a few different paints with this project. Paint or Tempera Paint. I think I like tempera better because it was easier for G to squirt the paint out on her own. You can thin the paints out a little with water too if that helps.

Balls. Anything really. I used a dryer ball, a bouncy ball, and some balls from this set.


Then, put paper in the box, squirt some paint around, then roll the balls around.

We got some really good art after. And it lead to another project. I put soapy water in the sink and G scrubbed all the balls clean.

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