Movie Night

Sometimes it’s ok to stay up late.

Sometimes it’s ok to miss bedtime by a lot.

For me to say that is a BIG deal. I am, usually, a pretty big stickler when it comes to G’s bedtime. I know she’s going to be up around 6:30 no matter what. I know if she doesn’t get her sleep, it’s not pretty the next day or 2.

But something, it’s ok to stay up late.

This was one of those nights.

Hub’s pivot business during covid was to start so we have these huge blow up screens, speakers, projectors, even a snowcone machine and popcorn machine.

Occasionally, when he isn’t booked, we set up the screen in our front yard and watch movies with our neighbors.

Everyone has a blast.

Tonight was one of those nights. So, we plan ahead. We ran errands after a big lunch so G would nap. She was so excited she barely ate dinner. I had a smoothie ready for her when she got hungry.

She helped Hubs get everything set up then sat back with her Cherry Snowcone and watched Paddington.

Tomorrow might be rough. But tonight was magical for her. And the adults might have had some fun, too.

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