We are big fans of smoothies around here. Like… G, M, and I eat a smoothie just about every day. They are a great way to get food in a hangry kid quickly and you can pack in the nutrition.

I use this blender. I have had a few different blenders and honestly, this one is the best. It’s powerful and lasts a long time. It does a really good job of blending semi-frozen fruit, too. The cups are great for giving a kid a smoothie or on the go.

My smoothie tips:

I make a big pitcher of smoothies at once then keep it in the fridge for a few days. If it separates, just add some of your favorite milk and blend it up before serving

I try to keep the following on hand and throw them in the blender without measuring: strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, spinach, bananas. I have even thrown in mango and it was good.

I use frozen most often. It’s easier to have on hand but you have to thaw it a little before you can use it. Canned pineapple was also successful.

Adding nut butters or Avocado can increase protein/fat and help make them more filling.

I add vegan protein powder too. I do give it to my oldest with some protein powder but I try to give her ones with less than a full serving of protein powder.

I do not add ice and I only add almond or cows milk if it’s too thick.

I LOVE smoothies in a bowl with granola.

I make smoothies and put them in pouches for M. I freeze them and then thaw them in the fridge or in warm water. I have this set but in a different color and a set from Mommy Yummy. I like the pouches but the filling station is more mess than it’s worth. I put the lid on the pouch and fill it from the bottom. It takes less time and is less messy for me. I find the smoothies get stick in the “corners” but I put soap on an old toothbrush and I can scrub it out easily.

Tell me your smoothie secrets!!

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