Mema Bread

My grandma made the BEST sourdough bread. It was different from the traditional sourdough breads I have seen.

Before she got sick, I forgot to get the recipe. Then she passed away. And I realized I may never be able to taste her bread again.

Luckily, one of my aunts saved a big box of recipes from being thrown out. And it had the recipe in it!!!!

When I make it I am instantly transported back to her kitchen. It makes my house just smell right. I can’t describe it but it’s like my house wraps me up in my grandma’s love.

I am pretty bad about feeding it. It’s like… Once a month over here and it works just fine. I try to feed it a few times before I bake though.

Edit to add: if you go too long between feeds, it will die. So feed it weekly or so to avoid having to start over.

Edit to add again: 6 cups is an estimate. Add enough flour that it isn’t sticky anymore.

I hope you love her bread as much as we do.

first attempt ever

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