Bruschetta Chicken Patty and Spinach

This was a super easy, super last minute lunch I made for just me. I was home alone and getting HANGRY! So I needed something quick.

I got the Mighty Spark chicken patties from Hungry Root for times just like this. I have seen them in local grocery stores too. I baked them in my toaster oven on 325 with speed convection while I made the spinach.

For the spinach, I put a little water in the pan and used my veggie steamer. Once the water was boiling, I added a whole bag of spinach and crammed it in the pot until I could put the lid on. I watched it and used tongs to flip the spinach around a few times. Once it was done, I dumped the spinach in a bowl and added butter and parmesan.

The chicken and spinach were done about the same time.

Seriously. This was so good and quick. Plus it was filling and had a lot nutrients in it.


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