Beef with Snow Peas

Pioneer Woman’s recipe is amazing and easy. I don’t change much about it.

I rarely have scallions.

I got sliced Sirloin from Aldi’s and it was great except the pieces were really big. I made the sauce earlier and let the meat sit in it for a few hours. But it was frozen so I didn’t realize that they were thin but large. Once I put them in the pan, I realized they were too big but I was easily able to cut them up after they cooked a little.

Totally random thought… I didn’t have tongs in my kitchen for a LONG time. How did I cook without them? I definitely think they are an important tool in any home chef’s kitchen.

I usually throw the beef in the pot with the juice and brown it then add the snow peas.

Cooking sherry can be hard to find in some stores. Here’s what we use.

I serve it with rice or whatever rice/gain blend we have on hand.

The kids like it all separated and eat the rice and meat but don’t usually eat the snow peas. So I give them a fruit as an additional side.


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