Tie Dye Towels

I decided to do this activity with a friend of mine. The kids were all excited.


towels – we had thin Target towels but next time we do this, I think I will get these.

spray tie dye – we also had some regular squirt bottle dye because we were worried we wouldn’t have enough

painter’s tape – the original post said to use duct tape but the pictures looked like painters tape. We were also very concerned duct tape would mess up the towels. I did 22 letters and had tape left over.

what we did:

wash and dry towels.

I taped the kids’ names onto each towel. I tried to center them as best I could by folding the towels to make sections it. I got better at this by the end but the first few weren’t exactly centered. Oh well.

set up ground rules about spraying. Only on the towels, spray more than you think, don’t touch anything because it will stain you clothes, furniture, etc. We didn’t use the gloves or rubber bands. Some of the kids decided to put gloves on after but I don’t think it really helped much. They told me the due still leaked into the gloves. Probably because the gloves are definitely not kid sized.

The sprayers were awesome but be aware, they do leak/drip.

Spray more than you think you need. The spray did not go through to the other side. You can flip the towel and do both sides but we did not.

We had 2 sets of spray and 1 squirt bottle set and 8 towels. I think we would have been fine with just 2 spray sets.


I let them dry in the sun before I removed the tape and washed.

remove tape and wash according to directions.

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