Slow Cooker Creamy Lemon Chicken

Tonight we made Creamy Lemon Chicken. I found it in a The Taste of Home Cookbook at the library but I heavily modified it because 1) I used what I had and 2) lazy.

I cooked chicken tenderloins, chicken broth (couldn’t find my veggie broth), garlic powder (I just couldn’t be bothered to deal with garlic cloves tonight), lemon zest (grater), and lemon juice (juicer) in my Instant Pot on the normal slow cooker setting. I left out the capers. I don’t think it took the full time the cookbook said but I think that’s because I used tenderloins and not breasts. Maybe 3 hours?

I made my roux with butter, whole milk, then poured in the cooking juices from the IP. Once the roux was dissolved, I mixed it all back together in the IP to stay warm while I worked for an hour. It was really tender after.

The cookbook suggests you serve it over rice. I did a packet of brown rice and quinoa from Aldi. I think it would have been better with pasta. There was a lot of sauce left over too. I might stick some more chicken in it tomorrow.

I thought it was fine. Nothing to get super excited about. But solid. But if I think I will use more lemon next time. Or put some fresh zest/juice over it when I serve it.

The kids didn’t eat anything for dinner. I am not sure if they weren’t hungry because the had a late snack or because they are a little sick.


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