Shower Gel Dispenser

Anyone else have kids that love to play with the soap/shampoo/conditioner? No? Just me? Whoops…

We were going through a rediculous amount of body wash and such. I realized the kids were playing with it when they had access to the bottles. So I bought this dispenser as a solution.

I know it’s not the most beautiful thing out there. But it has cut back on how much shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner we use. A lot! I, also, like that I can see when we are running low and need a refill.

I mounted it high enough that our 2 year old cannot reach it but the 5 year old can just reach it. Keeps her independent but the button dispenses so little at a time that it makes it annoying to get enough to waste.

So far, it’s working great! But I think I installed it a little crooked. Whoops again…

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