Sheet Pan Dinner

Last night Hubs and G made dinner. It was so fun to listen to them talk while they chopped and cooked. I love when G gets excited to help in the kitchen. I love cooking and I want her to enjoy it, too. And M but he’s not ready for all that yet.

We love a good sheet pan meal. Very easy and good for using up random stuff.

Tonight was kielbasa, onion, potatoes, with zucchini and yellow squash from our garden. Other times we do chicken breasts, Italian sausage, peppers, tomatoes, or even sweet potatoes. It’s really a great way to use up what you have.

G helped chop with a set of knives we were given.

Then they mixed all the stuff together. Sprayed it with avocado oil and added some spices. Italian seasoning (we use a lot of Italian seasoning so we buy in bulk) is good, garlic powder, and so is plain ole seasoning salt.

Bake it at 400F stirring occasionally.

I didn’t get an after photo because I was too hungry. But trust and believe it was amazing.

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