Easy Lasgana

This is seriously, the easiest lasagna ever. I was given this recipe in college by a roommate. I have tried changing the recipe over there years and Hubs has forbidden me from ever changing it from the original.


-1 lb ground beef

-1 jar spaghetti sauce (I like to add a little more because I like a lot of sauce)

-1 package of cream cheese

-1 egg

-oven ready lasagna noodles

-mozzarella and parmesan


brown the beef and then add the sauce. Simmer while you get the rest ready.

soften cream cheese and mix an egg in with it.

layer noodles, then half the meat mixture, then the cream cheese, more noodles, the rest of the meat, then cheese.

Bake covered at 350 for about 30-45 minutes until the noodles are soft. Then uncover for a few more minutes to brown the top a little.

Everyone ate this in my house the last time I made it! G even made up a song about lasagna!


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