Curly Hair Problems

I remember many, many days with frizzy, puffy hair. Curly hair in the south with a mom that has stick straight hair made for an interesting hair don’ts.

Once I figured out how to deal with it, I fell in love with my hair. Hubs prefers it curly too. Which is awesome because it takes forever and a day to straighten it. And as soon as I walk outside… It’s anyone’s guess about what will happen.

Our daughter was blessed with curls and I think our son might have some too. His hair is still too know for sure.

G helping decorate a cake.

The one thing makes all the difference is moisture. Curly hair needs moisture and it will get it from the air if you don’t use product on it.

Here is my routine for me and for G. When we do this, G has the most beautiful curls. And the tangles are much more manageable.

Shampoo and conditioner. I try to leave the conditioner in her hair as long as possible when she showers.

Leave in conditioner. This is critical. After the shower and in the morning she gets leave in conditioner. And we use a spray bottle of plain water in the morning.

From there, we scrunch it for curls or style it however she wants.

I use this cream when I scrunch my hair. I turn my hair upside down and scrunch it. That way it curls all the way to my scalp. G hasn’t needed this trick yet.

We, also, get her hair trimmed with some layers pretty regularly. She wants it long but we have told her we have to trim the ends so it curls better and it’s more manageable.

So far she loves her curls and I hope she always does.

UPDATE: I have started putting conditioner in her hair after the shower. Not leave in. Regular conditioner. Brush it through and leave it. Her hair soaks it up and is much more manageable in the morning.

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