Chicken Pot Pie Soup

This recipe popped on Instagram and looked like something we would like.

I went a little rogue and just used Chick Magnet Spices. It was ok. I think it needed more spices. I added more every time I ate it and it was definitely better.

G ate some but M was starting to get sick and hasn’t been eating much of anything. Hubs liked it but agreed it needs more flavor.

It, also, wasn’t very soupy. It was really thick and I did follow the directions on amount of liquid and potatoes.

Another change that might explain the lack of liquid. I used frozen mixed veggies and fresh celery. Because… Time and energy. Same with the spices.

I shredded the chicken in my mixer and that was amazing! I haven’t done it before but it makes shredded chicken so easily!

If I make this again, I will follow the recipe better. That will probably help a lot. Oops.


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