Apple Pie

Last minute my daughter asked for apple pie for Thanksgiving. I had no idea what to do but a friend saved me. She sent me her process and it came out great!

Crust – I followed this almost exactly except I did it in my food processor. It was good but I think I used a little too much water.

Here are her instructions for the filling:

Tart, crisp apples (I used cosmic crisp) peeled and cut.

You can put them in cold lemon juice water while chopping to prevent browning, if that sort of thing bugs you.

Then, toss apples with dredge of sugar (I used 50/50 white and brown sugar) Flour/cornstarch to thicken (I used flour). Warm fall spices ex: cinnamon must have +/- your favorites of nutmeg, allspice, mace, cloves, cayenne, ginger, etc (I used just cinnamon)

Assemble to taste, and slap that puppy in the oven.

You can do this in a traditional pie dish but I didn’t have another so I did it more like tart. It was a big hit. And I made it the day before!


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