Meal Planning

Dinner can be ROUGH to get on the table some nights. I use this to help me plan. It forces me to look at what we have and use it up before I get groceries. I left the last 2 columns blank so I can add things like eating out, dinner parties, packed lunches, snacks, side, etc. Really you can add whatever you need there. I like this better than planning by the day. What if I want tacos on a day other than Tuesday? What if we don’t want Stir-Fry-day but want Stir-Tuesday?

The other week I needed to use up a ton of stuff. So I totally ignored the headings. The first column is Hungry Root meals (I am trying it out. I will post about it ASAP) and proteins I can use for main dishes, then starches, then sides, then easy meals. The bottom is where I listed some snacks we had. It works well for me to do this when I have so much stuff to use up.

Meal planning has really helped us so we don’t go out and we don’t waste what we have.

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