Food Dehydrator

We go through a lot of fruit around here. I have found it’s hard to get fruit to travel well (unless you get the plastic snack packs or freeze dried fruit). So I started dehydrating snacks to save money and waste.

This is the dehydrator I have and I like it just fine. No complaints. We were given it but it’s plenty big and works well.

We like to dry bananas mostly but have had great success with mango (frozen, fresh, or canned), strawberries (fresh and frozen), green beans (frozen), pineapple (canned, frozen, or fresh), and fresh apples. I haven’t had luck with any other berries.

My kids (and my dad) eat banana chips by the handful.

Just slice thin and arrange on the tray. Sometimes I spray the tray with oil to keep them from sticking but I haven’t had that much of a problem getting them to come off. I turn the tray over and use a fork to poke through the holes.

G likes helping me slice the fruit, too!

I use the highest setting and leave it for about 24 hours. That way they get crunchy. They may not be crunchy right when you take them out but let them cool and they get crunchier.

Hint: green beans are good for dipping in hummus. Strawberries are good with cream cheese.


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