I am not gonna lie. I have a lot on anxiety over my kids safety.  Yeah, I let them climb on whatever play structure they want to but that doesn’t mean I am not mentally biting my nails the whole time. I constantly double check carseats to make sure they are tight enough/installed correctly. Like… I go behind myself and even Hubs sometimes. We just flipped G around to forward facing and she’s 4.5 years old 35-ish lbs. 
Laws vary state to state so double check your state’s laws before you move your kid to forward facing or to a booster.  The latest recommendations I could find are here.
Also, always read your carseat manual to make sure it’s installed correctly! Every seat is a little different so make sure you follow the rules for yours. 
Also, also, check with your car manual about how much weight the LATCH system can take. This is the combined weight of the seat and kid. 

Here is my mental checklist:

Seat doesn’t move more than an inch.

For rear facing, the straps are at, or below, shoulders.

For forward facing, the straps are at, or above, the shoulders. 

No bulky clothes/puffy coats, etc.

Chest clip at armpit level. 

Can’t pinch any slack above the chest clip. 

No accessories on the seat that aren’t approved by the manufacturer.

Wish me luck turning G around. She’s a little anxious about it. Although, she does love the legroom and being able to see all the things!

M has this carseat in both cars.

G uses the old version of this one. And her back up seat. I am not a huge fan of her back up. Mostly because I don’t think it’s super easy to get the seat in the car and it’s not the easiest to adjust/get the kid in and out. It’s not bad especially considering the cost. Just not as easy as the other seats we have.

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